Make sure you keep a close eye on this page as we will have some exciting news shortly about the evolution of Woodhorn Classic VW rally into something with a similar ethos for 2017 locally soon 🙂

We are unfortunately going to have to cancel the rally at Woodhorn going forward as there are no obvious ways of raising enough money to cover our increased public liability costs for 2017, whilst still being able to run the rally on a not for profit / charity donation basis.

We had thought we could grow the rally by attracting more sponsors and perhaps taking a percentage of fees for any extra concessions that we attracted to the rally. However after many discussions with potential sponsors and Woodhorn Museum it is simply too difficult for us to make this happen without risking incurring financial cost to ourselves as a result of the very limited revenue streams open to us.

We are extremely grateful to everyone at Woodhorn for letting us hold the rally in 2016 and everyone who helped in the lead up to the show with promotion especially other VW event organisers locally, the sponsors who took a gamble on us and the general public who turned up despite the weather.

Hopefully we will see you at other great VW events in 2017 most of which can be found here:

Andy and Alex